Custom Orders

If you can draw it, Steve can build it.

The stranger the better.

Order Information and Pricing List.

The minimum order is $400.00, plus shipping. This price will get you a four string , fretless bass, with a single J-Style pickup. It will be made of your choice of Domestic Hardwoods, such as Maple, Cherry or Walnut, with a Jatoba or Purpleheart fingerboard. Side dots and strap buttons are included in this price. The bass will be shipped with a Tru-oil finish. Basses can be ordered "in white" or totally unfinished, at a 50.00 discount.

Rosewood Fingerboard........50.00

Ebony Fingerboard..............100.00 extra...(not always availiable)

Extra Pickups, and Active Controls

Extra pickups are cost plus $25.00 installation

Mount Active pickups.....$100.00 installation fee (battery cavities and so on...)

Note: Active pickups cannot be installed in the smaller bodied Basses, such as "The Peanut."

Allow at least two months for completion of your bass.......

Important Information

The minimum order is 400.00 and we require a 50% deposit before starting work. Basses may be returned for a 25% restocking fee, customer to pay shipping. Please note: Return of your payment is dependent on the market value of the bass... I will not accept returns of basses that are so unusual that they have limited resale value, such as basses with band logos, inlaid names, or exceptionally extreme designs.

Shipping Damage is not covered in this guarantee

To place a custom order request, send an email to:

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Please provide the following information with your custom order request:

Your Name
Your Phone Number
Your Mailing Address (important for shipping)
Type of Instrument: Acoustic or Solid Body
Number of Strings
Scale Length
Preferred Woods
Type of Pickups
Custom Hardware
Any Other Details
Attach Pictures: Custom designs will require a full size paper pattern, or drawing to scale, preferably on graph paper

To place a custom order request, send an email to: