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Arrow Bass

The Arrow is a more ornate version of the Lobe, this one is local Persimmon wood. Persimmon is a member of the Ebony family, has really good tone and resonance.

The Swirl Bass

The Swirl is also a premium model, every one is sculpted differently. This particular one has a Walnut body, Persimmon fingerboard. GFS MM pickup.

Norm Bass

The Norm is named after my brother in law Norman. He wanted a more normal looking bass. This one is loosely based on a Fender Jazz bass, will fit any regular case. This particular one is nice colorful Maple, Walnut neck, Jatoba fingerboard.

Fantasy Bass

The Fantasy is the top of the line model, we save this shape for the fanciest woods, this one is made of Aromatic Red Cedar. Three octave neck, extra nice finish.

The Scarab

The Scarab is one of the top of the line designs, each one is cut differently. This one is made of Koa wood, on a multi-layer body. Jatoba fingerboard. A very comfortable bass


The Striped Bass is another premium model. The bass shown is a Stude body laid up from strips of different woods, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, many more. This premium option is available for any body shape.