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The Stude

One our most popular bodies, the Stude, three octave neck on a body that is equally comfortable sitting or standing. This one has the KA MM pickup, Jatoba fingerboard

Hipper Bass

Bloodwood hipper, maple neck, jatoba fingerboard

Peanut Bass

Spaulted Ambrosia Maple Peanut with J-Style Pickup 



Striped Resno

An Acoustic bass loud enough for any jam; great tone and response. Sounds much like an Upright if fitted with Tape-wound strings. In several body styles. This is the Striped Resno. Fitted with a piezo pickup if desired. This is another premium model.

The Standard

Great balance and style. Fretted Cypress standard shown... Frets are an added  option, 


The JB

The JB, more extreme styling, very light, still comfortable sitting or standing... This one is Cherry